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The future of integrating consumer-based care delivery as a post acute care operator
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What makes us unique?

PureHealth is a new Post-Acute care leader, poised to strategically harness consumerism and technology by thrusting the patient to the forefront of its’ innovative care delivery experience in the most advanced recovery setting in the nation. PureHealth invested in the patient experience by building the most advanced operating culture for its PAC product.

At its core, PureHealth represents VALUE. 


Embodies our goal to achieve the purest form of recovery for our patients; not only to fulfill the consumer’s expectation in their healthcare, but to go above and beyond to meet the consumer’s needs and requirements. The high level of accountability that we hold ourselves to is what sets PureHealth apart from the rest of the healthcare industry; PureHealth is the antithesis of how the industry has always operated. 

Removes all of the barriers and hidden aspects of healthcare; to remove all of the unknowns, the disconnects, and the fragmentation that is present between the consumer and the healthcare system. Our goal is simple; to close the gaps. This allows not only the patient to understand all aspects of their healthcare, but also the individual’s family, care partners and anyone vested in the patient and their outcome. 

Encapsulates the high performing operating culture at PureHealth. High PUREformance is essentially the glue that holds everything together, it is how our success is achieved. There is no PUREcovery, no PUREparency if PureHealth’s culture is not PUREforming at its highest level. 

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Our Locations

Five locations across Texas and New Mexico.

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At PureHealth, we believe in placing the patient at the core of all we do. Learn more about our innovative post-acute care settings today!

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